Kathryn Albertson Park
Kathryn Albertson Park

I had forgotten about the photos I snapped when I was taking family pictures for my eldest brother.  Landscapes are not my ususal subject but my eye was drawn to the colors and reflections of this scene.  I feel peaceful when I look at this view.  Fall being one of my two favorite seasons, this reminding me of how poignant an artist Mother Nature is.  Her brush whispers against each leaf and brings hidden color to life.  For a short moment the painting is brilliant and then quickly falters and fades as cold winter fingers caress and pluck the leaves from seasoned branches.  It is not cruelty that blows solitary leaves from their tree top homes, but the cycle of life.  One leaf dies and petals fade preparing for the rebirth that is named Spring.  We all move through this cycle.  Some more willingly than others as we enjoy and find the pleasures of each life season.  I can gaze at this photo and know I have not yet reached my russet red age but realize my hot days of summer are coming to an end sooner than I ever anticipated.


Hello world!

This is my first attempt at blogging.  I have had the opportunity to read so many other blogs and found them well written, informative and entertaining that I approach this, my attempt, with a smidge of apprehension. 

For as long as I can remember I have loved words.  This love of the written language pushed me willingly into the world of books.  I remember the summer I was too young to have a paying job and was bored beyond distraction.  My father, in his infinite wisdom, selected a few books from his private book shelf, handed them to me and instructed me to read.  That summer was the beginning of a life long love affair.  I read Gone with the Wind, The Silver Chalice, The Lost Love, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Good Earth and other books that now grace the shelves of my private library, although very humble.  My appetites continue to evolve and mature, or regress as the case my be, bringing an appreciation for the art of written words.

Somewhere along the way, a second affair commenced.  I found the magic of making pictures.  This second affair began the year my father passed away.  My mother, for Christmas that year, presented me with a 35mm Pentax camera.  A new relationship was born.  In the last 16 years I haven’t learned a great deal about photography besides the few things I have learned through trial and error.  I have learned that I love to capture images that tell a story.  I don’t know how good or how inadequate I am at creating these images, but I do know that I love it and know what I personally like.  Some day I hope to combine the love of words with my love of photography and create something that I am proud of.  Perhaps this will be the engine that drives that creation.  Time will be the watchman of that marriage.